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Do’s and Don’ts of single parent dating

single-parent-dataFinding a life companion is certainly not a cake walk. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to find the right person, who would not only keep you happy but also ensures he / she stays by your side through thick and thin. The complexity of dating further increases when you’re a single parent. In this case, you’d not only have to take your emotions into consideration but also need to see to it that the partner would keep your kids contented.

parentsThere is another perspective to this too – getting into a relationship with someone who already has kids. This would undoubtedly be a rollercoaster. However, the following tips would certainly make things a tad easier:


·Understand that you’re creating a family: It has been observed that children feel some kind of insecurity when their parents start dating. Therefore, it is essential that you take advices from your children and ensure that they are a part of the entire process. Experts believe that single parents, who follow this tip, end up in a happier relationship. Remember that unlike dating as a single where you only think about yourself and your future, dating someone as a single parent would require you to take your kids into perspective.

·Access all the possibilities: Before you take an important decision, it is essential that you assess your potential partner and convey your expectations from the relationship. This is crucial as you’d want the other person to be prepared for every situation in advance. Also, try understanding his needs and expectations from you in order to ensure you’re on the same page.



·Don’t start dating too soon: According to a study, parents that start dating quickly after the termination of a relationship or those who make decisions in a jiffy without any introspection often find their kids reluctant to the new partner. This has a negative impact on the ability of a stepparent and a stepchild to understand each other and develop a certainly degree of bonding.

·Failure to acknowledge your child’s fears: Children of all ages are skeptical about their dad / mom dating another person. It is essential that you address their fears. Speak with them and make them realize that their happiness plays a vital role in their life and they wouldn’t do anything that would make them sad or dissatisfied. Using phrases such as ‘you’re afraid that he / she might not be good with you’ or ‘you’re scared of the consequences of the relationship’ would validate your child’s fears.

Single parent dating isn’t very different provided you have the right guidance. It is essential that you follow the aforementioned guidelines and also try taking assistance of a counselor if necessary. Besides, joining a specialist single parent dating site would definitely help.